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Once the finishing is complete, the bronze is ready for delivery. Obara casts limited editions of his works, usually five or ten, but never more than fifteen. At a client's request, he will create a "unique" or 1/1 edition—the only one in the world.  After the final edition has been cast, the mold is broken into multiple parts and destroyed, a guarantee that no more castings will ever be made. 


Obara's wildlife bronzes come with a signed provenance card in a wax-sealed envelope.

The beginning of a bronze's history

His name, signed and dated in the original clay model, appears in each sculpture.



He may also use the crest to further personalize a bronze.






The foundry that does the casting also applies its hallmark to the work.

Click for a 6½ minute video showing Mr. Obara's sculpting processes

Limited edition number (1 of 3)

Provenance envelope

Artist's proof with crest, dated
with Obara's signature


Foundry hallmark